Belinda Lindhardt

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

weekly smudge 8-8-07

Here is bit of a piece that i have started on drafting film.

Why drafting film you ask ? Well why not? i have only done 1 other peice my White Horse on drafting film and liked the effect i wanted to give it another whirl, also to have some smaller pieces for the market i am going to. So when i started i struggled at bit as i needed to adjust my style and techniques from the last pear i did on paper. So this prompted me to write a little list of 5 things i like about drafting film. ( i have to admit this is not selfless act, i will now at least have a note of it so that i can remember for next time)

5 Things i love about drafting film

  1. Its faster than paper, there seems not as much effort to get the colour down ie. less layers the down side of thats is they wont blend as much and you have to confident in your strokes and colours.
  2. You can erase sooooo easily to pretty much nothing even after multiple layers and there is no damage to the film.
  3. You can highlight / darken change colours to pieces on the back of the film which significantly changes your work ( i find if i do some base colours for dark areas on the back before i start on the front that helps me alot)
  4. Its relatively cheap.
  5. You can continue to check your drawing pretty much all the way through your piece, good for final details as you can still see the reference pic underneath as you start new sections.

So, in light of this i wanted to highlight this week the queen of drafting film Wendy Prior who is doing a bunch of demos this week on drafting film. Check her blog and her demos out here.

Here is the begining of my drafting film piece. More to come soon i hope.


Rose Welty said...


I recently starting trying out drafting film and found the exact same things - re: #1 I just found it to be convenient, the layering with CPs seems to get to impatient me. Do you ever rub or blend in anyway other with a pencil? Also, with the Parrish investigations, both Maggie and I found interesting results with yellow on the back of the film in light areas.

Daniel Sanger said...

I've never used drafting film before.I remember you did a wonderful job and that horse pic.

Can't wait to see this one progress:)

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Yes i do Rose, i use either the colourless blender or a lighter colour to blend. I have also used the colourless artstix too :) hmmm yellow thats a nice idea... doing dark stones atm but when i get to a lighter area i will give that a whirl :)

Thanks Daniel :)