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Friday, August 03, 2007

lonely pear WIP

So here is my work on my newest piece. I thought i would be nice and do a WIP as i go along for everyone.

This piece is 8X10" or 20X25cms piece and i have been using Neocolor II for the underpainting with coloured pencil over the top.
Neocolors and i actually go back a loooooong way. My aunty who is an artist came out to visit us when i was about 10 she had some of these with her and i remember being fascinated with the way she mixed water with crayon !! she ended up leaving me her set of 12 and this is the same set i have used to do the underpainting of this piece. I actually saw someone using them in my life drawing class the other day and thought hmmm i must get those out. Then when i opened my monthly issue of > FMP by > Ann Kulberg and read the Step bystep demo from > Ranjini Venkatachari (i am a huge fan of Ranjini's work and have been for sometime she does amazing work) i knew this was a sign i was meant to get these out.

Pic 1 is just the Neocolors
Pic 2 is when i started to mix the colours with a damp brush on the background
Pic 3 is blending the colours all over and some coloured pencil on the background
Pic 4 is coloured pencil on the background and starting the pear
Pic 5 is continuing on with coloured pencil on the pear

I am really enjoying this process its been great. I am working on Stonehenge i thought perhaps i needed Arches to hold the water but the good old Stonehenge is really holding it for me.

On this piece i am also using a new battery operated sharpener (which i picked up at office works for about $12-) my electric one is great but it just doesn't seem to get the point sharp enough this one does a fantastic job.

I found that i really used the Neocolors just like watercolours blending and adding more colours washing bits out as needed. I also just wet the brush on the tip of the crayon for a stronger colour rather than drawing onto the paper.

I also have used a bit of Zest-It here and there on the background and the pear i found i could knock a few colours back where i had gone too strong and just helped with filling in those ridges.

Anyway thats it for now will post more soon.

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