Belinda Lindhardt

Monday, August 13, 2007

weekly smudge 13-8-07

Today, its all about organising.

I read a post last week on Maggie's blog where she was talking about her amounting responsiblities and how she was going to manage them. Blogs being what they are, various people commented discussing tips on how they managed their busy lives. While Maggie was opting for a traditional pen and paper approach some said they used calender in outlook which was their lifesaver. It was at that moment i donged myself on the head and said ... der !! why arent i using that! But then i got distracted and did i do anything about that ? ofcourse not!

So life went on for the week as it does, and i was reminded about getting more organised when a whole heap of things to do came pouring in and found myself abit flustered trying to keep control of myself.
During the weekend we were visiting some friends who are in the process of moving to the US and were discussing all the things they had to organise and totally recommended a site which they said was their life saver. So i took this as a message from above and had to check it out and get myself sorted out.

Remember the Milk! -
If your a big fan of making lists this site is for you, its really FANTASTIC ! It basically allows you to create lists! Lists which you can add notes to, share with friends, publish, print and email whatever takes your fancy.
It works in with google calender, twitter (as well as other programs) and is sooo simple and easy to use..and ofcourse is FREE. It also allows you to postpone the task, repeat it, prioritise it. It will send you emails to remind yourself of what tasks you have for that day.
In overview you can also oversee your weekly to do list, so i was thinking i can print that out and stick it on the fridge.

I have setup a finance list, an art list, a personal list, a family list, a kids list. I have also added in birthdays so hopefully when a birthday comes around i can just be reminded to pick up a pressie. I have it setup with my google calendar and google widgets so i have the calendar on my desktop with my tasks highlighted in neat little coloured tabs and can see at a glance what i have to do today. (Good when i am procrastinating looking at websites)

Now i have the tools the only excuse for not being organised is myself (i knew there was a downside to this somewhere :) Anywho, check it out !!


Rose Welty said...

Belinda, I was going to report on RTM on Wednesday! It has revolutionized my husband! Oh, and I love the new logo!

Belinda Lindhardt said...

hehehe its great isnt it!

Thanks the new logo is actually an old one i havent used for a while. Going to use it on my business cards/new website so it got a revamp. :)