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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Virtual Sketch Date - June 2008

Virtual Sketch Date - June 2008 by Belinda Lindhardt, Digital

As per last month, this month i am participating in a Virtual Sketch Date. A group of us have joined up, someone supplies the reference and we all see what we come up with in a week. It's a fabulous idea and i was hoping to spend more time on my piece but i have to admit i completely forgot about it until 2 days ago. However, I still wanted to see what i can come up with in the time i had.

Here is my attempt from last month. Again i chose to go digital on this one, it gives me a good excuse to try out my lovely new toy and i can work pretty carefree without worrying about materials paper etc and it allows me to work quicker in terms of backgrounds. In doing this one I found i came across similar issues as I would normally, i sketched the drawing by eye so obviously i continually had to correct my drawing (but thats the great thing about the digital side of thing), i had a few issues with brushes and trying to use the correct one for what i wanted but again .. its all part of learning and again for me, its all about the process rather than the finished piece.

So here it is, Rose has started a Virtual Sketch Date Blog which she will post links to all of the participants on the blog tomorrow :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Knobbly Few, Coloured Pencils

"A Knobbly Few" - By Belinda Lindhardt Coloured Pencil on Stonehenge

Ok i think we are just about done on this one. I need to jump onto something else :) I havent done much yellow items before this one. I really enjoyed the colour on this one.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Michael Reid at Murrurundi

Apologies for not posting on the blog lately, i had a bit of a break over the past few days and over the weekend i went on a bit of a holiday to my favourite country town Scone, NSW. The family have a B&B there and i have really grown to love the town and the countryside and the drive through the Hunter Valley (Wine Country of NSW, for those of you who are from overseas ). This visit was the first time going up there on my own with the boys and we had a great and relaxing time and we always get so spoilt when we come which is lovely.

While i was there i went to Michael Reid at Murrurundi exhibition. I had visited the gallery on a previous occasion but didnt get to go inside so i was glad to make it there this time :)
I really loved the gallery space it was just beautiful and the work was inspiring. This is really my type of artwork, I love the textures and the choice of palette, it was even better in real life than it shows on the websites. The colour combinations which really pop. I love how the background colours are muted or subdued and then there is that brillant explosion of colour with fruit which draws the eye in. A trully inspiring vist one i would reccommend. I will definately be adding the links to my list of favourite artists :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Blog Header

As you may or maynot have noticed... i updated my header up the top of the blog. I have been after a change for a while and i was in the mood for a play.

You like ? Not Like ?

Monday, June 09, 2008

Another Update

Here is another update.

I can see as i am working a few issues I am having with it :) but rather than try to fix them too much i am just going to keep going and get it done. Its all about the process for me right now :)

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Quinces Update

Here is an update of the Quinces.

One thing that working with coloured pencils reminds me is, like most things in life, you must take the time and effort and usually that will have the most rewarding results!

Did i mention that coloured pencils artwork like this take some time ? Cause they do!!! LOL I don't know why i keep saying this but it seems i have forgotten. Probably coming up to about 10 hours on this so far.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Back to the pencils ! Quinces WIP

It's been quite a while since doing a cp piece, i am not really sure why whether its the subjects or the length of time they take to do or something else but i have been putting them off for a while.
Lately i could hear them calling me back so here is one i started. It's just a little 5X7inch and did i mention how long cp peice of this nature take to do ?? Well yes they take a while !!! :) I had forgotten just how long for a simple background but i am enjoying it and its refreshing to come at it with a fresh mind and concentrating on my process rather than just finishing the piece.

"A knobbly few" WIP by Belinda Lindhardt, CP on Stonehenge

So anywho here is my current WIP. In looking at this post i realised the image is quite crooked, thats the paper not the image !! Better photo next time :) Sorry
More to come soon.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

"Chosen" - By Belinda Lindhardt - Acrylics on canvas 30X30cms

This painting is one i started about a month ago when i was having a bit of a painting spree. You can see the smaller study that i did for colours. I didn't really know what i was going to do for this one i just knew that i felt like doing colours such as these so i just went ahead to see where it took me. I remember seeing a sky one night which was dark but had light blue clouds poking out and felt like i wanted to capture that, and i also have been seeing how sometimes the sky can have a burst of light and colour popping out behind the clouds but only in one particular area its strange how that can happen.

I appologise for the glare on the photo we have rain rain rain and more rain here at the moment apparently its here to stay for a while so i wont be taking many good photos while the light is so poor.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Artists Palette Magazine - issue 62

Artists Palette Magazine - issue 62

I am really happy to announce that i have made it into this month's Artist Palette Magazine - Issue 62 currently available for sale in Australia.

In it is a bunch of my works both coloured pencil and paintings and a demo i did when i created this Maxy's Bubbles picture. Its really great to see your work in there and my son Max was so impressed to see himself in the magazine :).

On a side note if you have come to this blog via my website or plan on visiting my website in the next few days i do apologize, i recently had a hacker get into my database and mess with my descriptions and images on my site, i am going through them all at the moment and fixing them all up ASAP.