Belinda Lindhardt

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pears WIP Updated

"Red Pears" - WIP by Belinda Lindhardt
Two posts in one day ! wow :) boy you guys are lucky !!! :)

I have been meaning to give you an update on this one, i worked on it the other day and forgot to post a pic, so here it is :)
I am relatively please with the way this one is turning out. I still have alot on the first pear to do and going to brighten that background a bit :) Enjoying the white cloth tho that was a bit of a mistake which worked out well- dont you love it when that happens.

Maxy Flower

"Maxy Flower " - 13X10cm, 5.3X4" coloured pencil on stonehenge by Belinda Lindhardt

Here is a littlie i did last night while hubby was off having drinks after work and the boys tucked in bed. I always loved this photo of max when he was a toddler mummy put a flower in his hair probably the only time i will ever get one in there.. he had such cute curls when he was a bub.. my youngest will has no curls at all hehehe

It always takes me a while to warm up if i have a break from pencils for a while so this one was just a little warm up :) I had the urge to draw :) I can see the facial features arent quite right but it was just a bit of fun :)

N.B I used ZestIt again on this one, i have to say i havent been pleased with the results of it of late not sure if my technique has changed or i am using it wrong. :( I think i am actually overcoming my obsession with blending and making everything so even :) so i actually think its a good thing :)

Friday, June 29, 2007

New Website

Sorry for no new art updates, my new website is well into production and i think i am settled on the design so i have been busy :) and i have done the front page template. Its going to have a nifty little backend courtesy of my other half :). So while not much art is getting done i am working on my art business.
I am still coding up some of the internal pages such as the gallery etc. but i am excited about getting it all done asap.
Stay tuned hopefully i have it up soon.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Some Lemons Unfinished?

"Lemons" Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas by Belinda Lindhardt

Ok so i forgot to mention in my last post that during the no power outage weekend we also did and had planned a house renovation. It was just a small one but basically we knocked down a wall between our living room and dining room. It has made an amazing difference to the place and we all are loving the extra space. So i can hear you thinking thats nice for you but what has this with art ?

Well for 1. now the house is back together i feel inspired i am "liking" my space much better so i feel happier and can do some more art :) But for 2. during the deomolition we moved furniture around and i was going behind a dresser which had a couple of half started canvases behind and what should i find but this painting :)

I knew this one was there and i had planned to finish it but i got stuck on where to go next and just couldnt ... during our activity for today which included some much needed cleaning and finding new places for things .... my hubby hung it on the wall in replace of a clock that i had wanted to be hung elsewhere (you dont really want to hear that story LOL) ... anywho its now sitting there quite happily and you know what .. i think i am going to call it done and leave it at that !!!... there is a few things on it i could change on it and i really wanted to add something more under the lemons.. but i have a habit of overworking things, and its not bothering me overtly much ...

so the morale of the story isnt it interesting what some time moving a dresser will find you ? a whole new pic for your wall that you thought wasnt done but really works just fine :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

6 days no power and two small kids plus a renovation = no art

Well i am on the other side of 6 days of no power ... we had bad storms here on friday and stuck without power until last night. I thought my feet were going to freeze off!!! not to mention go completely mad as we were in the middle of knocking a wall down in our living room and have two small kids to bathe, feed and entertain for the whole time with no TV!!! arghhhhhhhhhhh

if we had had heat i dont think it would have been too bad .. but it was absolutely freeezing !!!! ... luckily our lovely neighbours had power and let us come and boil the kettle and leech a bit of heat off them at night .. but they have a 10day old newborn .. not an easy time for them either.

Anyhow we survived ... we were much better off than some.. some people had flooding and lost family members and their houses and livelyhoods... what was drought one day was flooded the next .... we scrapped by with our tree falling down on the neighbour's house but no damage done ... a nice reminder of the little modern conviences we have like a fridge and running hot water!!! and lights at nightime ....

so needless to say no art done !!! i have a backlog now of design work to get done so hopefully i can post some art soon !!!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Three Red Pears

Tidying up loose ends.

Three Red Pears WIP - acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas
by Belinda Lindhardt

This is another one i have had hiding in the closet...

About a month ago i found some beautiful pears at the supermarket i just had to photograph and paint. So i started whilst having the urge setup the still life and started the painting with an underpainting... I had to put it down and havent been back to it until last night.
My vow at the moment is to tidy up loose ends and get some paintings finished. This one will be for sale and hopefully available soon !

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Beautiful Skies

sky from our backyard 5-6-07

We have had some beautiful skies here recently. They unfortunately occur right about 5pm which is the war zone here at my house .. with the kids' dinner and bath and tantrums and mess and everything else that goes along with it .. its a busy time of day but sometimes really nice just to remember the beauty that is going on around us.

Today i managed to take a quick photo and stopped to take a moment pointing the colours and the patterns out to my 3year old. He talks about the colours and shapes alot now, i figure thats a great way to start "seeing" the beauty in things. The other day he was talking about all the different dinosaurs in the clouds.. so i guess thats a great start i couldnt see any t-rexs there tho :)

So just thought i would post this one for you all to remember no matter what is going on around us there is beauty everywhere .. and it goes on without us even knowing it :)

Puppy love final

So .. i found my "zone" again..i decided that i had enough messing about with this one and i just needed to finish it today (if i were billing my hours i would have gone way over budget without any real achievments). that forced me to get into gear and here i am all done.

There are a few things i am not ofcourse happy with.. but i am fine with it really .. its alot looser than i normally go ... and thats something i really want to work on ... its a cutey . i really enjoyed doing this one.. i think i should defiantely do more portraits .. what do you think ?

Monday, June 04, 2007

Puppy Love update 2

Here is another update .. i have managed to paint over the face about 5 times since my last post .. the eyes just werent in the right position ... and i still am not happy with it ....
i also have redone the background and some of the blue shell in acrylic .. i think i still need the face lighter ... :( ... so hmmm ... not sure on this one ...
here is a close up of the shirt .. i must have been on a roll that day .. as i am still really happy with that bit ..i cant get into the same "zone" sigh ...
more to come .... sorry for the lenght in between posts atm ... i have had a few major events going on as late ... so .. the creative juices just havent been there .. i think i am on the other side of all that will be coming back to you all soon :)