Belinda Lindhardt

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Beautiful Skies

sky from our backyard 5-6-07

We have had some beautiful skies here recently. They unfortunately occur right about 5pm which is the war zone here at my house .. with the kids' dinner and bath and tantrums and mess and everything else that goes along with it .. its a busy time of day but sometimes really nice just to remember the beauty that is going on around us.

Today i managed to take a quick photo and stopped to take a moment pointing the colours and the patterns out to my 3year old. He talks about the colours and shapes alot now, i figure thats a great way to start "seeing" the beauty in things. The other day he was talking about all the different dinosaurs in the clouds.. so i guess thats a great start i couldnt see any t-rexs there tho :)

So just thought i would post this one for you all to remember no matter what is going on around us there is beauty everywhere .. and it goes on without us even knowing it :)

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