Belinda Lindhardt

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Puppy love final

So .. i found my "zone" again..i decided that i had enough messing about with this one and i just needed to finish it today (if i were billing my hours i would have gone way over budget without any real achievments). that forced me to get into gear and here i am all done.

There are a few things i am not ofcourse happy with.. but i am fine with it really .. its alot looser than i normally go ... and thats something i really want to work on ... its a cutey . i really enjoyed doing this one.. i think i should defiantely do more portraits .. what do you think ?


Daniel Sanger said...

Fantastic Belinda! Great as always!

Just wondering, do you sell these Belinda?

Belinda Lindhardt said...

thanks daniel

yep some of these i do .. :) i was considering entering this one in a show ... hmmm i am not sure tho ..?? what do you think ..? the mosman or willoughby art shows coming up .. pretty high standard there .. maybe one of the local ones :)

not sure whether i would sell this one tho .. its kinda a personal one :) ..

Kasie Sallee said...

Beautiful Belinda!

Yes, I think you should do more portraits. You're really good at them.
And yes you should enter it in the show. :) You say they have high standards, well, you have good work!

:) Smiles!

Daniel Sanger said...

I'd put them in the shows for sure. It's hard to part with work when it's personal though. From a sales point I think the personal nature of your work would be a strength - as they're all very emotional:)

So go the shows! You'll kick arse!