Belinda Lindhardt

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Some Lemons Unfinished?

"Lemons" Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas by Belinda Lindhardt

Ok so i forgot to mention in my last post that during the no power outage weekend we also did and had planned a house renovation. It was just a small one but basically we knocked down a wall between our living room and dining room. It has made an amazing difference to the place and we all are loving the extra space. So i can hear you thinking thats nice for you but what has this with art ?

Well for 1. now the house is back together i feel inspired i am "liking" my space much better so i feel happier and can do some more art :) But for 2. during the deomolition we moved furniture around and i was going behind a dresser which had a couple of half started canvases behind and what should i find but this painting :)

I knew this one was there and i had planned to finish it but i got stuck on where to go next and just couldnt ... during our activity for today which included some much needed cleaning and finding new places for things .... my hubby hung it on the wall in replace of a clock that i had wanted to be hung elsewhere (you dont really want to hear that story LOL) ... anywho its now sitting there quite happily and you know what .. i think i am going to call it done and leave it at that !!!... there is a few things on it i could change on it and i really wanted to add something more under the lemons.. but i have a habit of overworking things, and its not bothering me overtly much ...

so the morale of the story isnt it interesting what some time moving a dresser will find you ? a whole new pic for your wall that you thought wasnt done but really works just fine :)

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Regula Scheifele said...

Belinda - what a wonderful find! I love the lemons, they have such a soft and yet 'lemony' look. Beautiful!
As to being finished... to me it looks not finished, but that's the charm of it. Leave it as it is. Unfinished and beautiful!