Belinda Lindhardt

Friday, June 29, 2007

New Website

Sorry for no new art updates, my new website is well into production and i think i am settled on the design so i have been busy :) and i have done the front page template. Its going to have a nifty little backend courtesy of my other half :). So while not much art is getting done i am working on my art business.
I am still coding up some of the internal pages such as the gallery etc. but i am excited about getting it all done asap.
Stay tuned hopefully i have it up soon.


Kasie Sallee said...

I meant to comment on this earlier and somehow I forgot!

Yay for you! I think it's wonderful that you're getting your website up. That's one of my goals for someday also. From the little clip you show, I think it's going to look great!

Daniel Sanger said...

Great design - Your title graphic is very vibrant and impressive:)