Belinda Lindhardt

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

"Chosen" - By Belinda Lindhardt - Acrylics on canvas 30X30cms

This painting is one i started about a month ago when i was having a bit of a painting spree. You can see the smaller study that i did for colours. I didn't really know what i was going to do for this one i just knew that i felt like doing colours such as these so i just went ahead to see where it took me. I remember seeing a sky one night which was dark but had light blue clouds poking out and felt like i wanted to capture that, and i also have been seeing how sometimes the sky can have a burst of light and colour popping out behind the clouds but only in one particular area its strange how that can happen.

I appologise for the glare on the photo we have rain rain rain and more rain here at the moment apparently its here to stay for a while so i wont be taking many good photos while the light is so poor.


Ann said...

This is beautiful Belinda!

Jo Castillo said...

Beautiful. The light is perfect.