Belinda Lindhardt

Friday, April 25, 2008

An abstract 2 landscapes and a Figure 4 new paintings

Last night I had a painting spree and started 4 new paintings. For the landscape i had the inspiration the other night i looked out into the sky just before it was dark and it had this strange dark blue / grey clouds with light blue peaking through. So i really wanted to create something like that so here was a little test run to give it a go and in doing so i think i have discovered something about the way i work.

Many artists work different ways, some use thumbnails some don't. Sometimes i do sometimes i don't, often i find especially with painting ideas from my head that i cant see whether the painting is going to work by using thumbnails as the painting often emerges during the process so to plan that out just doesn't seem to work. I think it's also to do with the application of the paint and using colours etc that you just can do without committing yourself to it.

Last night i started all the canvases as the same time. I did two larger ones and 2 smaller ones. These smaller ones I initially began to "use up the palette" i had already mixed but what it turned out to be was actually a preliminary painting to the larger one i was planning on doing for the landscape, and for the abstract one (which is still not completed) was merely a way to test out some paint effects i was going to try. It simply occurred to me as i was doing this.. that this method provides a cheap and effect "thumbnail" for me to test out my idea. This is not a new idea or way of doing things but for some reason i kept pushing the method aside as it wasn't working previously for me. It turns out that i simply needed to adapt it for a way that works for me. These little canvases are probably worth about $1.50- at the bargain store, it not quality art or something that you would sell for alot of money, its simply a step in the process to the bigger paintings. I think i am going to have to buy more of these i don't know why i haven't done it sooner.

On top of this i also tried out a new wet palette method for using acrylics. Thank you so much to Serena for posting her method on her blog. I have to say it really does work fantastically !!! and saves so much paint its going to be something i do continuously from now on.

During this painting session i also have to say after using oils for a while now i think i do prefer oil painting, just the feel, richness and application of the paint is more satisfying, but its so time consuming waiting for the layers to dry when trying to play around with the effects i wanted to for these ones i just didn't have that time. So its something to consider for future pieces. to oil or not to oil :)

Again apologies for the lack of photo quality, first drought now constant rain the weather is just all over the place atm.


Serena said...

They are both looking good!

I'm glad you found the wet palette useful, Belinda. I can't get by without mine and I usually prepare several at a time because, when I'm in the painting mood, I don't want to be taking time away from the canvas to refresh a palette.

The last time I worked with oils was when I was a very young girl. We had an elderly gentleman living a few doors down and he was an artist so would teach my sister and I how to paint in oils. I would like to try them again some day. Maybe I'll try the water-soluble oils as I've heard they dry a little faster. Have you used them before?

Rose Welty said...

Belinda, that night sky is looking great!So much atmosphere...

Valerie Jones said...

Sounds like a painting party with a lot of fun! Looks great!