Belinda Lindhardt

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Round and Round in a Shell, Colored Pencil Sketch

Shelly sketch - Walnut Brown Polychromos by Belinda Lindhardt

Here is a shell we picked up at the beach a little while ago. I have so many unfinished projects at the moment but i felt like i just needed to sketch something light without worrying too much about anything. I am really loving monotone or simplistic type palettes at the moment so this one was nice. It wasnt on the best paper so i couldnt get too many layers and i used a colourless blender which didn't work too good on this paper but its a nice little one nonetheless.


Ann said...

Oh, you knew I would love this! Beautiful sketch. And Walnut brown poly is one of my favorite colors. I may 'borrow' idea that and do some of my studies in brown too :)

Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

It's very nice Belinda. I really like the overall tone.

Jo Castillo said...

This is beautiful. Lovely shading.

Serena said...

Lovely work, as usual, Belinda. :)

Elena said...

What an amazing doodle! I love it. I enjoy doodling too but haven't done any for quite a while. They're fun to do :)