Belinda Lindhardt

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Weekly Smudge 28-8-07

For this week's weekly smudge i had a few things in my head to give you, one being to highlight the website which i recently rediscovered... BUT.. Maggie beat me to it and posted today, basically the same thing i was going to say. Isnt it odd how that can happen?
This also happened the other week when i posted about the Remember the Milk website and Rose commented about how she was going to post exactly the same thing as i did. I just find it so interesting that we can all be off thinking that we are doing our own thing and really we are all just following the same circles round and round!!! Anywho, go checkout Maggie's post and the artbizsite and while your at Maggie's site also checkout her post re: How to Juggle and Other Parlor Tricks its an inspiration and one i regularly read if i am making excuses not to get things done.

Following your Goals

Another interesting article that i came across this week is an old article written for Creative which was written by illustrator Holli Cogner, In her words the article is:

... a series of journal entries I wrote for Creative Latitude documenting my self promotional process for finally taking the step to be an illustrator...
This was a very inspiring and interesting read. I do small amounts of illustration, i really would like to do more of it, reading her article just goes to show what can happen if you have a goal and work towards making it happen.
Checkout the article here.

Also this week: We made our mark on Katherine's Making a Mark blog regarding my Australian Coloured Pencil Resources website. I have made a few additions to the website as the week has gone on and had other artists contribute to the site. This is fantastic i hope it grows as time goes on.
Here is the link to Making a Mark - Who has made their mark this week.

My Website:
While we are talking about websites i have finally finished my new website. wOOT!
I am still in the process of adding images to my gallery tweaking information etc. but its now live so be sure to check it out.

Thanks to the hubby for working on it for me its so fantastic it has a backend allowing me to add all my bits quickly and i will be adding more to the site as we have more time available.


Kasie Sallee said...

Whoo-Hoo Belinda! Your website looks great!! I'm so glad that I have art friends who encourage me to get my behind in gear. ;)
Thanks for sharing the links too.

Rose Welty said...

I like the look of the site too Belinda. It's very clean looking - I like the short list of links at the top and the categorizing. Well done! I did notice that if you sort on medium, then click on the artwork details, you don't have a choice to go back to the sort on medium. Right now it isn't a big deal, but as you get more images up and sell more through the site, people might appreciate it.

One last thing, it really shows how diverse and talented you are - you have something in nearly every category there (and you have alot of categories listed.) I'm really impressed.

Ann said...

Wow Belinda! I've been following your blog for a while now, which is always very inspiring for me to read, helps me get moving with my own art! But now your website looks fantastic! (And I realize just how badly I need to get busy and rework my own!)

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Thankyou so much everyone for the great comments and feedback :)

I see what you mean Rose you should be able to from the drop down go just about everywhere but sometimes its buggy and doesn't work. I added the links down the bottom tho now :) so its easier to go from there :)

Thanks for posting Ann and i just checked out your blog. Wow lovely work i just love that latest one Avon Dunes II, just beautiful. :)