Belinda Lindhardt

Thursday, August 30, 2007

White Rose on Drafting Film

"White Rose" by Belinda Lindhardt - Coloured Pencil on Drafting Film
13X18cm, 5X7"

This is one i started a few weeks ago and which i put aside and never when back to. You can see the begining of it here.

It's been sitting there waiting to be done, one of the things on the list to do :). I am glad i finished it. To be honest i was fighting the drafting film with this one. I think i am getting used to moving the colour around more with the neocolours and stonehenge. So maybe my technique is changing. :)


Ann said...

Belinda, this is absolutely beautiful! Did you use any solvent on this? What kind of cps did you use? Sorry for the questions - I am just in awe!

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Thanks Ann, no problem for questions i am always happy to answer.

No solvent, i actually tried to use solvent but i soon discovered that solvent on drafting film just tends to take all the pencil off. :) I used a combination of Polychromos and Prismacolours. I discovered that the polys tended to go down easier on the film rather than the prismas ..
i wiped regularly with a makeup pad just to take away wax bloom :)