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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Business Cards

So while i am at it shamelessly plugging my website everywhere i can, i thought i would also show you all my business cards i just got printed.

I really wanted something very simple for the cards. I was tempted to spruce it up and place a couple of artwork images on there, but i know how quickly my artwork changes and i didnt want to be stuck with something if i change my style or be limited by the work i am doing today.

On the front: I did want to add something a bit quirky to distinguish it a bit, i am ofcourse a creative person so i should really have creative business cards. So, in the end i opted for the paint splatter. In real life i think it looks quite good because it looks like its a mistake or something has spilt on there because of the transparency over the letters. i think people would look twice and hopefully curious to look for more.


On the back: I made it orange and left this relatively blank as i thought it would be good for writing numbers or notes on for myself and people.

You will notice that i don't have my address or phone numbers on there. This is for a couple of reasons for this..
1 is my mobile / address can change but my website address likely wont so it means i wont be having to reprint cards if any of these things happen.

Another one is, i previously posted my address and phone number on my website and i received nothing but spam and calls and mail from people trying to sell me something or just bugging me about something i really have no interest in. Having moved a couple of years ago they have since stopped calling and sending me stuff and i like it ! :) So i decided that i will only give my number and address out to genuine people if it is required. I am not sure what the "business and marketing" people would say about that but it works for me and i am sticking to it!

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