Belinda Lindhardt

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

White Horse on Drafting Film Final

So here is my final pic of the white horse.

I made a few slight adjustments a few days ago and just hadnt scanned it in. So off i went to do so this morning to discover EKK... i had waxbloom!

just days after reading about it on Making a Mark!! :( ... (I realised when i read this post by Katherine that i hadnt experienced wax bloom to its full effect as yet) ... - didnt realise it could appear after you finished your work ...

So now i have it .. i tried to fix it a bit on the window .. its not too bad now. So here is the pic :)

You can read about Wax bloom here on Making a Mark.


Katherine said...

Isn't it horrible when you see it for the first time> I thought it looked like mildew!

Thanks for the link to my blog post. We need to spread the word about what to do and how to avoid it!

Regula Scheifele said...

I've watched this come along without commenting before. The finished piece is impressive! I especially love the light on his (?) lower neck and the light coming from the window. Beautiful!

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Thankyou Katherine and Amira

yes i will have to look further into wax bloom. i know arlene sprays alot during her work to avoid it .. hmmm :)

Kasie Sallee said...

This truly is beautiful Belinda! I love the color and the light.
Great job!!