Belinda Lindhardt

Thursday, May 24, 2007

One year, one month and one day challenge!

I thought i would post this one, which has gotten me thinking, its from a blog i have recently been catching up on from time to time (i think Kasie i got it from your blog) :)

The blog is written by Kal Barteski who is a designer and artist and her site is beautifully done as is her work. She has come up with a challenge which involves a bunch of artists creating a scrapbook and passing them onto one another - which sounds fantastic but i just dont have the time for that atm. Involved in the challenge is an idea i really like which is to write a letter to yourself as if you are one year one month and one day away from today. It is to be detailed to be written the present tense of what you have seen in the past year and bit what you have achieved etc.

I have a bunch of other life stuff going on atm and i just really have come to the realisation that you REALLY do need to plan and take steps to achieving things otherwise life just passes you by and you never get there.

Take a look at the challenge :) Above anything look at Kal's scrapbook for the challenge it looks stunning !

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Kasie Sallee said...

Hi Belinda!
I've been wanting to do the 1+1+1 challenge too! I think the idea of writing a letter to your future self is neat. I understand the busy-ness of life, though. That's how it's been around here lately. I'm like you and I really do need to take the time to plan more often. Otherwise I'm just running around!
: ) Smiles!