Belinda Lindhardt

Thursday, May 03, 2007

White Horse on Drafting Film

So for this one i I thought i would give drafting film a whirl. I have had some in my cupboard for ages and heard of many CP artists using it. I really like Wendy's drafting film pieces they have a really nice feel. The reference i am using is from WetCanvas and is one i have had on file to do for a while also. (ever since my previous horses)

I have to say i dont mind working on this support. I really enjoy moving the background from white to dark depending on what section i am working on. This allows me to "see" what i am working on and seems to work really well for me. However, I do get waxbloom quite early and doesnt take too many layers, but my electric eraser gets it back to nothing pretty easily. The variance in dark and white bgrounds underneath also give it a really nice effect i am not sure which one i will go with for this one.

So onto the horse... This was a task i set for myself to finish in 1 day. I havent quite made it.. but i am happy with the progress it is not too bad :) I won't be too hard on myself :)

This one is 5X7" or 18X13cm.


Joan said...

I have no idea what drafting film is, or how it's used, but this looks interesting. Since I keep coming back to your blog so often, I hope you don't mind that I'm putting it under "links" on my blog. That way I can get here directly. I'll be back to check on this.

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Thats perfectly fine Joan. Nice to see you again :) Drafting film is similar to tracing paper type texture... i guess its a finer grade than tracing paper ... i dont know really either :) but its nice and smooth :)