Belinda Lindhardt

Friday, November 09, 2007

Working on the Wall?

Have you ever put one of your pictures on your wall and thought .. hmmm it looks different than i thought?
Thats exactly what has happened recently with quite a few of my artworks particularly when i was getting ready for the market as well as my recent "storm" and "morning mist" paintings.

Typically, whenever i research, begin and as well as when i finish an artwork i think about ... would i or someone want to have that on their wall ? As essentially that is the goal for these things isnt it? Whether that be my house, a friends house or a buyers house, is it as good on the wall as it is on my easel? More often than not i have felt that "no" has been the answer.

I had been "playing" with my "morning mist" (for lack of a better name) painting for a few days, i thought at one point that had I really something nice .. then i stood way back to take a photo thought... hang on a minute that looks all wrong. Thats waaaay to busy and just does look right. I did a few more alterations and it still wasnt working for me soooooo.

Yesterday, i decided that i would put some screws in the wall to hang my work on as i work this means its on a plain background and i can get quite a bit of distance to see how it hangs :)
It is also vertical as opposed to an incline which i think makes a difference also. I had been getting some distance previously but it appears on the easel its just not the same.

Retitled to: "Mist" by Belinda Lindhardt oils on gallery wrapped canvas

One of my recent conclusions has been that if i want to sell artwork i need to work larger! My "storm" painting on the wall just doesn't have much presence, i think it would have if it was larger. Having visited many artshows as well as just looking at my art on the wall i realise that unless someone is a collector of miniatures then they usually want an artwork to take up a space on their wall. Obviously this could mean using a larger frame or matt with some CP works as they take sooo long to do as well as coming up with other time saving techniques, but in essence what i am getting to here is all about how it looks on the wall.

So as my journey progresses off i go to finish up so old artworks and move onto some larger ones!!! :)

n.b. Apologies for the bad photo its been raining all week here, i will post a better one once i get some more light :)


A Reason to Paint said...

What size is "Mist" Belinda; I think it's lovely

Ann said...

I really like the paintings you have been doing Belinda. Size is something to consider, sometimes a little smaller makes for a more intimate piece. Invites the viewer in. One thing I used to do when I painted was to do two, three, or even up to five smaller canvases as a set that were meant to be hung together. That way I could work in a smaller format but the presentation was much bigger in the end. Definitely keep painting, these are really nice!

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Thanks Guys

It's 16X20", 40.6 X 50.8cm

I have actually thought of that Ann, i was considering doing such a thing i am just waiting for inspiration to hit so i can get into it :)