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Thursday, November 22, 2007

More on uncluttering

Some more on uncluttering, i am gradually making my way through things. See the first post here.

4. Sorting out my/the kids recorded shows
This kinda sound like a bit of a silly one but it costs me time!! We regularly record shows off the tv, in particular for the kids and whenever they want to watch a certain show i often spend a long time searching through a long list of shows trying to see where the one they want is (more often than not its at the bottom of the list) . I had been putting off sorting through this for ages, simply because i just couldnt work out how to use the functions of the remote. Last week i sat down figured it out (it really wasnt that hard), persisted with the kids pleas of "i wanna watch that one" and went through them all, deleted some and renamed others so it was easier to find .... now it takes half the amount of time to find the show they want i am so happy everytime they want to watch something now its easy :)

5. Sorting out the boy's toys.
My boys have lots and lots of toys, it results from having a father who is quite into toys himself but also grandparents who basically spoil them rotten. (we appreciate it tho grandma). We have actually kulled through alot of their toys already on a number of times, but we have been at the stage for a little while where my youngest was playing with baby toys and the elder the older toys. My youngest is now approaching 2 we have finished all of that, and this coupled with the fact that:
- there is too many they dont know what to play with
- they dont appreciate anything as they just have too much
- really just makes for one big mess.
- christmas and birthday are coming up just around the corner (which will no doubt bring more)

so I got ruthless and i have put a whole lot of toys into the shed.. where they will be saved for future children (not mine but i assume my younger brother will start spawning sometime in the 10-years) or sold in our garage sale or given away to charity :)

The good thing about all of this means that the house isnt so messy, the kids are able to pickup their own toys as its not such a big job, and its less work for me so mum is a bit happier and can concentrate on the more important things :) And the silly thing about it all is that i dont think they even miss them.

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