Belinda Lindhardt

Monday, November 19, 2007


Here is what i spent my art time on today.

I havent thought of a title and i dont think its finished. It had a face on it at one point and also a naked figure at the bottom but its just kinda evolved hopefully it will evolve again into something better :)

Its another big one tho 36 X 36"

i wanted to make it light colours but i have an urge to go dark, so that might be my addition tomorrow :) lol

lets see what it brings us, i am having fun tho :)

meanwhile apologies i haven't posted much of late i have a terrible terrible cold, on Friday i lost my voice and couldn't talk at all, and the past few days it hasn't been much better. I also have two little munchkins who have colds so its not fun at my house. I am starting to feel a little better i hope tomorrow i will be back up to 70% ok :) rather than 30%


Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

Very nice Belinda! It has a lot of mood and feeling.
I'm so sorry you and your kiddos are sick. We just got through that and it's not fun. I hope you all are feeling better soon!

Jennifer Rose said...

I really like all the colours in this :)Hope you all feel better soon.

Valerie Jones said...

I like the trees in this! Creates a nice mood. Sorry you all have been sick...get well soon!