Belinda Lindhardt

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

weekly smudge 7-11-07


As you can see this week's weekly smudge isnt quite art, in fact i am quite embarrassed about showing my torn lounge to the whole world (it usually has a cover over it but it was in the wash) but as you can see i just couldn't resist posting this image of our dog "uhoh".
Uhoh who has been appropriately named has been away on holidays for a few weeks, resulting from when we took our holiday and he decided to stay an extra couple of weeks with the Grandparents. We missed him when we got back and he actually has been pining for their two dogs so we have been considering of getting another dog to keep him company. (i am crazy i know) but i think uhoh would really like it. i really would like a Daschund as i had these growing up, but they arent that common and not sure if it will be too small for his pal, but i know if i see one i just wont be able to resist.

Anywho, my week has been used primarily on maintenance and enjoying a bit of down time. Even tho we have had holidays and wot not, i have also had a bunch of other work hanging over my head for the past few months (i am constantly saying to myself i gotta get to that) and any spare time i had was trying to get that done. Last week i finished it, and its a tremendous relief not to have that pressure and i get on with bits and pieces i have been meaning to do for ages. Things like tidying up my website and fixing up profiles and listings etc.

So my weekly smudge, well does my smudge on the lounge count from uhoh's muddy footprints?


juj said...

German shorthair? He's adoreable! Love the greeting cards in your previous post - that pear is stunning.

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Thanks Juj

yep german shorthaired pointer :) .. he is a funny fellow :) he THINKS its his position on the couch no one else is allowed in that spot! LOL

thanks on the pear :)

Serena said...

OH, he's sooooooooo cute!!!