Belinda Lindhardt

Monday, November 12, 2007

036 Star

This one is named "star" because my 18month old insistently kept pointing at it and saying "star" as 18month olds tend to do.. by about the 108th time i decided ok its called star!

I am finding it really hard to photo graph this one well, the colours in RL are quite subtle and while the room is quite light it looks dark on the photo. I tried taking a couple outside of my mist one, but all it did was look blue. So hmm have to experiment a bit more with taking the photos :)

Anyway, so i wont say where this one is coming from just yet, as i will leave it up to you, but one day if they continue coming i will tell you :)

I think i might have a few slight finishing touches once the paints dry a little, but i want you all to be standing behind me telling me when to stop cause i dont want to wreck it :)

"Star", by Belinda Lindhardt, oils on gallery wrapped canvas 36"X36", 91.4cm X 91.4cm

Oh and did i mention it was big ? Well it is, well big for me, i think this is about the largest one i have ever tackled :)


Valerie Jones said...

It's a beauty! I like the use of yellow and blue together.

Serena said...

I like the yellow and blue together also.