Belinda Lindhardt

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Treez 01 Completed

"Treez 01" - by Belinda Lindhardt, Oils on gallery wrapped canvas, 10X8" 20X25.5cm

So looks like i have finished this one, i have been waiting for the black to dry so i could put the dress on the figure. This one was fun, i am not sure about the red hair but for some reason i really wanted to add that in :) I cant seem to get a good photo of this one but once dry i should be able to scan it in. So i will do that.

I think i might do more of these i think they would sell ? something different and fun to do :)

I have stared a couple of cp pieces on my ampersand pastelboard, this stuff is great, i wish they stocked it in australia i bought mine from overseas and cost a small fortune... will post pics soon :)


michelle giacobello said...

Gorgeous work Belinda!

Rose Welty said...


This is lovely! Your work is beginning to get a mood about it - I mean that in a good way ;-). You are really expressing something - nice job.

Valerie Jones said...

Hi Belinda! I think adding the red hair draws the eye to the girl instead of to the trees. Very lovely! I think they would sell too. Can't wait to see more!