Belinda Lindhardt

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Unclutter your life!

Recently i decided that i needed to unclutter my life !
It started with my recent "awakening" to life in general and how it feels like another year has slipped by, without much to show for it. In addition to this my eldest will be at school the year after next, they are growing up so fast i need to start taking action and it will start by taking away things that cost me time or are just basically in the way of what i really want to do as life is just too short and i need to enjoy it while i can.
In thinking about this I decided that the "uncluttering" was needing to take place in many areas of my life and many different ways. Each week i am going to try to do at least 1 uncluttering activity in an effort to improve my life. The "clutter" for me, can come in many forms, its typically a "task" that needs doing that i keep putting off, but is also sometimes an action or behavior that needs to be changed or looked at in order to avoid the "clutter" and messing things up.
This post has been coming for a while so here are some of the things i have started to do already:
1. Consolidate my tupperware / plastic container cupboard.
we have so many things in this cupboard that every time we open the cupboard everything falls out.. it was driving me NUTS! Taking the time in the middle of cooking dinner to sort it out is usually not on my agenda so it never gets done. My youngest is now well past the purred food, and bottles stage but these containers were taking up lots of room and i was hanging onto them because they might come in handy .. So i decided enough is enough and got to it, out all the baby stuff goes, anything which didn't have lids, closed properly ... or was cracked was also in the bin. Some i kept for a garage sale that i may have (eventually). i neatly stacked the rest of the containers i actually use and i can find things easily now and everything doesn't fall out !!! woot
2. sort out my favourites
I am actually still in the process of this one, but i have been doing a bit of a time. Like everyone over the years i have accumulated many links ... some of which i am glad i have kept, others no longer work, but most of them i wouldnt really know where to find what, they all got muddled when i switched over to firefox and i just havent had the time to go through them all ... so off i go ... i am sorting out all my links, i have created a "new" folder where i am keeping all of the links i want to keep, then once all the old ones are gone i will rename it so they are neatly organised :)
3. only worry about the big stuff
This is a big one for me, and falls under the category of a behavior that i need to change.... Ever since having kids i find this time of year particularly hard when there is all the pressure of Christmas and gift giving and food preparation and for me trying to organize myself and the kids with other friends and family for get togethers of where we are going on what day, distance makes it a problem and overall i tend to get worried about trying fit it all in and get good presents etc. In addition to this there is the usual everyday stuff, as well as money issue etc ... so for this and other things i have decided not to worry so much about fitting it all in, and just dealing with it as it comes and only worry about the big important things, if its not high on my list i am not going to worry about it. I am not going to worry about getting great gifts for people because its just too hard, and if anyone doesn't like it tough! ..
More to come on what i have been uncluttering in my life !! stay tuned :) p.s. i was going to illustrate cute little icons for these items but then i would just be making more work for myself :)


michelle giacobello said...

Love it Belinda. My life is out of control..... Decluttering is the key - if only I could find where I left it. :)

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Hahah lol Michelle :)

su said...

Hi Belinda,
Ilove your bubble boy on scribbletalk! Are you familiar with flylady? She helped me sooo much with clutter and cleaning and taking control of the chaos!

Valerie Jones said...

Proud of you! I've had to do this to my life this year too. It's very rewarding! And I recommend flylady too!