Belinda Lindhardt

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bubbles WIP

Here is my latest one. its of my son Max quite some time ago, i loved the photo but on the photo the bubbles are just covering his face, so i wanted to create a version getting rid of those bubbles. I have to admit i have been a bit scared to attempt this one but now i think its time :)

I would like to enter this one in a portrait show i know is coming up if it all goes to plan :)

Anywho so here are a few pics so you can see how my process begins, its a large one A3 (11.7 X 16.5") so i think because i plan on not doing too much with the background and letting the paper do the work for me hopefully it wont take as long a normal piece at this size would.

Also, while i am here, i thought i would show off my latest purchase, its my new fancy light OTT-LITE. Well it doesn't look too fancy but its the globe that is the fancy bit. !! This light allows you to see your work at "true to life" colours that looks and is as close to daylight as you can get. I don't get much time for art during the day so during the night is where it is for me, i have struggled in the past with lighting as the next day my work just looks completely different from the night before, the colours are just completely off. I thought these were only available in the US but i inquired recently at my local scrapbooking store - The Craft Store and found out that they carried them i was so pleased. So if you struggle with lighting i can definitely recommend one of these lights :)


Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

It's looking beautiful Belinda. Coming along great!

Valerie Jones said...

Oooh...I'm going to like this one too!

Ann said...

Wonderful start - this is going to be beautiful!