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Thursday, November 01, 2007

weekly smudge 1-11-07

Its been a while since my weekly smudge has come around, apologies for that, my simple excuse is .. i am a mum, a cleaner, a partner, a designer, a web developer, a family member, a gardener, a friend an artist and a self representing one at that so with all those roles sometimes things get pushed aside and this has been one of them.
So without further ado, one of the things that has been a highlight this week is this book:

Anatomy for the Artist by Jeno Barcsay - link here

I picked this one up a couple of weeks ago at Angus and Robertson for those australian readers for only $20-. Its one of those things that i thought if i dont buy this now i will regret it later.
I used it this week for the first time as i was working on a painting and it was fantastic!
I have recently been coming up with my own ideas and paintings out of my head rather than coping a reference so doing a few sketches of some of the figures in here really helped get proportions right etc.
The book contains sketches of skeletons and muscles of all sorts of things like hands feet etc. as well as the full figure. So i would recommend everyone have some type of reference book like this it was invaluable.

This week i also wanted to highlight a couple of artists i met on the australian art forum
Daniel Sanger and Michelle Giacobello who have an exhibition opening tonight in melbourne. The two met on the aaforum and discovered that they only lived a couple of blocks from one another, so they decided to get together and have an exhibition. They are both very talented and have unique styles and i wish them the best of luck with the opening night tonight. Please visit their blogs and checkout their fabulous work.

Halloween isn't really celebrated overly much over here, but in recent years i have noticed more and more items available this time of year so i think this will change as time moves on. I dont really know the story behind it but i figure its always great to have a bit of fun, so when i saw whole pumpkin at the shops i had to give it a go.

We bought a pumpkin, carved it up and last night put it outside the front door. The house accross the street had graveyards and a large skeleton out the front which was good fun and attracted all the goulies.
We didnt actually go trickatreating but Max did dress up in a dressup to talk to all the witches, aliens and monsters that came to the door. We surprisingly actually ended up getting quite a few. So next year the boys will be older and will be able to tolerate a few more sweets so we will definitely give it a go.

Here is a pic of max with our first pumpkin, Will was just fascinated with the face and wanted to sit in front of it and stare. Max was actually a bit worried about the whole thing and i think was a bit scared of the badies... so i told him that the pumpkin was to scare the monsters away when they try to come to the door. LOL that seemed to make it fun :)

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Daniel Sanger said...

oh thanks Belinda! You're too sweet! Love the Mr Incredible pic:)