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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Structure of Man

A few posts ago i talked briefly about some drawing videos i had found on You-Tube. After doing quite a few of these i decided to buy the first dvd of the series. Its just so much easier to have them on DVD (there are 5 Dvd's you can buy them all together if you wish) and the cost is very reasonable.

This first dvd contains 70 vidoes and i cant praise it enough if you want to learn to draw not just the human figure but anything at all. Even if you are already good at drawing i would urge you just to take a look for interest sake in the way this drawing is taught.
In doing the video you learn how to think of the human figure as an invention rather than the symbols already in your head and therefore you will retrain your brian so you can easily draw from your head the angles and structure of the human body and face. For someone like me who seems to be fighting with my left and right side of the brain atm .. this is just fantastic. The guidelines he teaches you also help with any life drawing or other types of drawing you might try to tackle.

I cant praise it enough .. i am off to do a few more .. you can do some and see for yourself here:

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