Belinda Lindhardt

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Butterfly Mirror

Here is the latest in my series of mirrors. This is a butterfly one obviously, which might be one of my favourite ones so far i quite like it :) (sorry for the bad pic)

My thoughts for this one is that it contains an area where the customer can write their own childs name in the center bottom if desired. :) Rather than the glued on letters in my previous ones.
I think mirrors which have the letters / characters glued on will have to be at a slightly higher price range due to cost and time but that will all work itself out.

I have quite a few now primed so its production line for me. I went to my local mall on the weekend and noted that first saturday of every month they have markets in the mall. So i might have to make an apperance there in the lead up to to christmas. All my ideas are flowing for selling all this work :) all i have to do is produce it :)

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Nicole Caulfield said...

You aren't going to have any problems selling these. I can just picture one in my kids rooms! Of course my oldest (8) is obsessed with dolphins at the moment.