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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Art from a young age

Belinda Lindhardt age: ?about 3?

My three year old boy Maxy wanted to see some photos of mummy when she was a little girl today, so out came the old album and i came across this one of me doing some lovely watercolours that i thought i just had to share with you:) So i really did do art from a young age here is the proof!!

I had started a new piece this week on some of my MDF primed board and i had hope to show you a piece which was well on its way to success, but it has since been scrapped!!!! Thats about the 3rd piece of late which hasnt made it to the finishing stages. I am not sure whats going on there i think i am envolving in my art into something new so i am struggling between the old and new stuff. Scrapping this latest one was good also as i was having a problem with paper holding enough colour but seeing as this last piece was on board and not paper this tells me that its not my paper and my technique is actually off... I was reading a post on ScribbleTalk about layers which are very very light .. and i think this has been my downfall my painting hand is lending into my CP hand and i am being too harsh. Anywho live and learn i hope to have something new to show you soon !

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