Belinda Lindhardt

Sunday, April 29, 2007

It was all going so well....

...Until, well until i dont know when... but it looks like this is another one making it to the scrap heap and i am back to the drawing board.

I think this has happened on my last 4 pieces !!! i am not sure whats going on .. but i got to thinking i might be my lighting?? It seems if i can work in the day it works in fine .. but choices and colours i do at night seem (or when i am tired) dont seem to work so with cpencil being the way it is .. it looks like i am back to the drawing board :(

I wont go specifically into what areas arent working - unless you want me to .. but theres a couple of key areas just arent quite right.

Solution - work in the day - yeah technically that would be good .. but two young kids dictate otherwise ... hmmmm


Daniel Sanger said...

I like it! what's wrong with it?

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Its a bit hard to see on the photo but the colours are out and some of the values arent right in RL it not right :(

Nicole Caulfield said...

I'm the same way Belinda. Some people swear by getting those OTT lights or natural lights for working at night. Have you tried one of those? I try to work during the day myself but sometimes you just can't! OK alot of times!

I don't see anything on it though that a bit of sticky tac won't fix!