Belinda Lindhardt

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Beach Scene

well, following my recent watercolour exploits i thought i would do a larger WC peice. Well it started out as watercolour but i just cant help putting those coloured pencils in so i guess now it is Mixed Media.

Dont talk to me about the clouds. Not sure at all what happened there. I was testing out a WC technique i had read about and i guess i got carried away lol. I was sitting down at the time which i just have to stop doing when i work on larger areas as i need to get distance. *slap on the wrist*.... but if i crop this one its not too bad as you can see :)


Nicole Caulfield said...

Belinda - I like the cropped version! Not because I dislike the clouds but because it really adds drama and keeps your attention on the beach.

Belinda Lindhardt said...

thanks Nicole,

thats a very good point :) i do like the cropped version too.

Joan said...

I like the cropped version too. You have such great color in this.