Belinda Lindhardt

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I have been working i promise!

Gardens at Gosford Regional Art Gallery

Apologies for not posting much of late, i have been working i promise, i have been sketching! I have been doing alot of those videos mentioned in my earlier post as well as characters and ideas of cute little illustrations. Its something i really enjoy doing and i seem to have a little more confidence with it all these days so that is really fun. I am going to work some of them a little further and will post some soon.

On Sunday i went to visit the Gosford Regional Art Gallery which i have been meaning to go visit for months now and i had seen an advertisement for the local Watercolour society's Exhibition so i just had to go!
I was a little early so i took advantage of the "kid free" time and just sat and had a coffee in the lovely coffee shop there and had a look around. I was disappointed i had forgotten to take my sketch pad and note book (as i would have had a fantastic post for you) so i just sat there and enjoyed my coffee. As i did so a feeling of utter relaxation began to come over me, i realised that i couldn't remember when the last time was i had felt so relaxed normally my hawks eye would be looking out for dangers, grabbing utensils off the children, stopping them from climbing, running and generally causing havoc to myself and those around them and basically i would be in a constant state of aggitation. So this was a fabulous outing just to let alone sit but i also got to see all the fabulous works as well!!!
There was an exhibition on the main gallery which was great but a little weird for my tastes. Various artwork on the walls and sculptures one of which was a rack hanging with coloured gstrings with symbolic pubic hair... - kinda just wasn't doing it for me. They do have lovely japanese gardens there which if it wasn't raining i would have spent more time in. I will definitely be going back. The kids can feed the koi too so that should be some family time too.
The watercolour exhibition was beautiful some lovely works ranging in expertise. They look like a good group i am considering going along to some of their meetings. They meet reguarly and have plein air sessions as well as studio and various other artists come along and do workshops. Even though i am not a watercolour artist i think i would enjoy it. :)

They don't have a website but there is one for the Central Coast Art Society which has some of the artists featured.
One of the artists who stood out for me was David Clarke. You can see some of his artwork here: ( i am not posting it as i am not sure i can copyright reasons) but you should definately check it out. He doesnt have a website that i can find but he had some fantastic works that would be something i would aspire to.
The CCAS has a botantical exhibition coming up in May so i am definately off to that. So now i am all inspired and should be relatively relaxed no more excuses!!!!


Kasie Sallee said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time, Belinda! I know what you mean: sometimes being away from the kiddos for awhile helps you to be a better Mommy when you're back. All of us mommies need a little "me time" sometimes! I have missed seeing you on Scribble and wondered how you were doing. : ) Smiles!

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Hi Kasie, Thanks for stopping by ! Your definately right, i definately felt much better when i came back :)
A much better and happy mum :)