Belinda Lindhardt

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

mmmmm electric eraser

Well christmas is over and we spent new years repainting our bathroom ...yay !! It looks much better tho .. so i am happy :)

Over the years I have heard many CP artists talk about using a electric eraser, and a little while ago i read about one on Katheryn Tyrell's - Making a Mark Blog in which she was raving about on she ordered online. I looked at all my local and sydney artshops to see if they stock them ... only to get funny looks (which i am getting used to now) as i often get them when they ask what sort of artwork that i do and i tell them CP. Anywho, so i bought one from Artifolk in the UK (here is the link for the eraser)

I was very impressed with the delivery time considering there has been holidays as well as the price and not to mention the exchange rate (including delivery - it only really cost me $13- AU which included 2 sets 30pc of spare erasers ) I would have paid this much if i had seen it in the shop so it all worked in well. I cant wait to use them !! :)


Regula Scheifele (Amira) said...

LOL - I know those funny looks too well. People looking at you as if you were from outer space AND too lazy to move the eraser yourself...
I bought mine in the UK as well, actually two of them and refills to last a lifetime...
Thanks for the link to artifolk, I'll have a look at the webpage.


Katherine said...

This is the one I use! Dirt cheap and very, very effective. If it suddenly starts to seem as though it's working less well try changing the battery. That soon revs it up again.

Do NOT lose the refills!