Belinda Lindhardt

Friday, January 12, 2007

Here is another update, we are just about to the stage where the other piece was ripped. So far i have worked approximately 10-12hours.

Other things of note are:

- I recently purchased some polychromos pencils, so i have been using these for the first time. These are great i am really enjoying and no wax bloom is GREAT.

- Strokes - not only are my strokes looser i have also been "blurring the edges" with this one, its not the way i usually work and is also something i read about from JSS but i think its an invaluable lesson to learn been been part of my problem in the past in order to get things to look right.
- Standing up, i am also remembering to get some distance when working so i have been standing up. This i have found really helps traing my eye for "seeing" as i tend to get too close when working on cp.

This illustration board is not working as well as i had hoped it just cant take the layers other papers i have used can. So i at this point am going to spray a few coats of fixative in the hope to get some more particuallarly white / light layers in. Lets see how we go :)


Nicole Caulfield said...

Oh how fun! So glad you're doing the jss project with us! I think I'm hooked on it and will have to look into another artist in depth soon... of course all the links Maggie and Katherine provided was a bonus so I'll have to talk them into it too! ;-)

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Thanks Nicole, it definately is fun and just so inspiring. The links definately help ALOT. It's almost like i have this grand old teacher sitting over my shoulder tapping me with a wooden stick when i start to stray!! :)