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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Artist Statement

I took some timeout this week to write my artist statement. Artist statements are pretty important as they tell people about who you are and what you do when your not there to say it.It also helps you to get your head around your direction and tell people where you have been. I am as you have probably guessed not the greatest writer in the world so i found this quite difficult. I read lots of other statements as well as articles telling me what i should and shouldnt have in it. Here is what i have come up with, i think it does the trick.

A bit about me: I have enjoyed art from a very young age and upon finishing school I completed an associate diploma of Graphic Design in 1995, which established my foundation for a successful career in graphic and web design. I continue to work within this industry but also have returned to my passion creating art.

Each work is a expression of something that i would like to capture, that can sometimes be colour, emotion or object but can also be a texture, feeling or an occasion that occurs to myself or those around me. Using a variety of subjects I have a fascination with realism pieces and will often switch between acrylics, watercolours and coloured pencil paintings.

My recent focus has been on observing the way light and shadows interact in my coloured pencil paintings and broadening my subject matter.

Here is a link which has great information on writing your artist statement.

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Katherine said...

Good for you! Don't you feel pleased now that's over? ;)