Belinda Lindhardt

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Max in a bucket take 2 - Finished

Yay! Calling this done. I had all sorts of issues trying to get the layers onto this one. After spraying i was hoping to get a few more on particularly in the skin tones and white of the bucket but it just didnt seem to work and i was fighting it so i called it a day.

Working on black definitely was a factor in the difficultly of trying to achieve a good colour vibrancy, i think i prefer working on darks colours but a brown or a grey as opposed to black for the future. For predominately dark areas which needed a few highlights (eg the hair) this support worked really well, but for the skintones which required lots of layers it was hard.

After placing the pic in the frame on the wall it just didn't looked good at all. So i played with a background in photoshop and then added the background in. It looked 100 times better.

So here is the final product, happy to call this one done for now.

Onto the next one :)

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