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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Art Spectrum Colour Fix MDF board

Last year i was really interested in reading Nicole Caulfield's works with various CP pieces on board which had been primed with Art Spectrum Colourfix Primer. She explains her process of making the boards here. The info on the primer is here on the art spectrum website.

I knew i wanted to give this whirl, and i have done mine on MDF board. I have done a couple of white ones and the rest in grey (i mixed it with black acrylic). The reasons for wanting to do CP work on these is that after completeing your piece you can use UV spray varnish and then essentially you dont need to frame your piece with a matt or glass. Just a frame, the colours are much brighter and you can just hang it on the wall. You can also apparently use watercolours or acrylics or pastels with the primers so i can use them for anything.

I am excited about these i did a couple of light layers first then sanded then the final layer the surface seems to be quite fine especially after the sanding. I can alway do a very light sand again if the tooth is too much.

stay tuned for some work on this board!

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Katherine said...

If you like it you'll want to try Ampersand Pastelbord as well...........