Belinda Lindhardt

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blue Swirl Pot2

Ok, here is my wip of my second blue pot.

I have taken alot more care with this one and erased a few times particularly in the wood where i was going much too dark with my values. Or totally the wrong colour. This wood is a little more true to the actual wood and photo.

After reading Hillberry's book in my previous post i tried to follow a few tips regarding wood and i also turned my work upside down and to the side to work on this area and that really seemed to help me focus on the values rather than the grain. And then the grain seemed to flow on after, much more betterer. :)

I took more time in altering the drawing after transfering (i received a few tips from the ppl over at AAF regarding the previous pot) and i had realised that the photo was incorrect in some of its lines and proporions. So i think this all helps.

I am pulling myself up on my strokes (i tend to get lazy and just colour all the same way) and i have also been using some of my colour knowledge (which i tend to overlook) for shadows etc. So all in all i think its coming along fine. There is a few things i am not sure about .. but lets see how it pans out.

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