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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Max in a bucket take 2

Here is the max in a bucket piece take 2 (see previous post where my 9month old ripped my other one), i have done a few things different with this one.

- its on black illustration board, previous one was colourfix brown

- i am trying to work looser with less layers, as part of my artplan for 2007

- i am really concentrating on the process and values (keeping in mind my recent readings from JSS and other books i have read on the matter).

As this is my second attempt i dont seem to be as emotionally connected to this piece as the first. My focus has been on the "process" and seeing values correctly rather than likeness or achieving a "smoothness" factor.
In my readings on JSS it talks about how sketches need to be "tried and tried again, turned about until it satisfies every requirement, and a perfect visualization is attained". He often redid canvas after canvas of the same painting in order to get it "right".

I guess what that means to me is it allows me to beleive that even the masters got it wrong sometimes, so i shouldnt be afraid to "spoil" something as even they did it. (which sounds silly but i guess we all dont want to "fail" at something)

I also am taking advice i have read many places which is to draw from real life often in order to keep up these "seeing" skills. So i the other morning did a few quick sketches of my 3yold eating breakfast. I won't post them as they are so embarrassing but this is something i realise even more now i need to continue with in order to improve my skill. So i will endeavour to do it more often now, someone please nag me to do it!!!

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