Belinda Lindhardt

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Farmor's Vase

Well i have had a fabulous day ... :) its raining out and the boys have been happy so i have been taking some time to do something which i have been itching to do for a while now - a painting. So the CP's were put aside and out came the big canvas and big brushes and no fine detail (as yet). wOOT !

It's been great, and JSS has been sitting in the background the whole time.
This one is totally different from my normal paintings. The palette is much darker from my usual work and the whole composition i think has some JSS elements to it. It has a personal connection as the vase was given to me last year on my 30birthday from my dad. It was his mum's vase (my farmor - in danish) it will have big flowers coming out of it.

I am hoping to make the flowers quite detailed and leave the background a bit rough, its late today tho and i really must get off to doing housework things. But i dont think i will be able to put this one down till its done.


Katherine said...

Looks a promising subject but don't forget about blurring edges. Maggie wrote about it in one of her early "I'm reading all I can about JSS" posts.

I think the big trick with JSS is to get the suggestion of detail right as opposed to actual detail.

And it's a new month and a new artist - I'm off to write a blog post!

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Thanks Katherine, I actually thought i was blurring them to some extent now i realise i am not blurring them enough.
and GREAT! now i have you over my shoulder sitting behind JSS saying .. dont forget to blur the edges !!! hehehehe :)

thankyou tho i will post an update soon its all the better for it :)