Belinda Lindhardt

Monday, February 26, 2007

Theresa's Rose and Swirl Pot AXED!

Well, i am having a bit of a creative slump. Not sure why, my last one seemed to come so easy but my lavender pot i really struggle with. So rather than put more time / materials into it i have decided to axe it!

I may come back to it later but for now that one has to sit on the backburner.

To be honest it kinda felt like i was suffocating with the need to try to get the flowers and the pot to look right. I needed to break free, so here is a little watercolour study i did. And after that i feel much better. The roses are from my MIL's garden that she brought with her on her last visit. The roses were absolutely beautiful and the perfume was just gorgeous.

So here they are i dont mind how this turned out i might have to do another watercolour in the not too distant future of these :)

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