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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Farmor's Vase Update

Just thought i would post an update for this one. I think i have turned a corner on this one it seems to be flowing much easier now. (I think because i am concentrating on what i am doing rather than just painting) You cant really see it on this pic but i have really blurred the edges on the wall and the top of the mantel as well as the picture on the wall :)

I am yet to fix and darken the values of the book shelf and the bricks and chair but i think i am happy with the wall and the picture. In my reference photo alot of this back area is covered by flowers but there is a hint of a few photograph frames placed on the mantel.... i am still trying to decide whether to include them or not. The idea would be that they would be hiding there and only just peeking through the flowers but at the same time in that case might not need them. hmmmm... any thoughts ?

Also i would be interested to hear anyone's opinion on the white reflection on the table ... i am thinking now that its way too white and it needs more "table" in there... this is pretty much the same as my reference photo which is probably a mistake on my part as i was coping the photo, which i now know is that photos lie.... BUT hmmm do i really want to go back to the table again ... not really ..... but i will if i have to.

I have done a few sketches of the vase in RL. That i think will be helpful when i come to do it.

ALSO, I have been re-reading a book i have i thought might be of interest:

Its a great book, it teaches alot about drawing and painting what you see rather than what you think you see as well as compositon and value plans. Its actually where i often fall down in my paintings i think i need to refer to this book more often :)

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