Belinda Lindhardt

Friday, February 23, 2007

Lavender Swirl Pot

I have two people standing over me in my head as i work on this one. One is JSS who is looking over my shoulder pulling me up on not trying draw what i think i see and only what i see (Which is imperitave as i draw these flowers, i seriously am doubting whether this piece will work out how i want it to and whether i can draw them decently).
I also have Arlene from ScribbleTalk hitting me on the head with a hammer regarding coloured pencil technique, getting your values in, doing your background first and the whole CP process. As well as her (understanding and techniques on complementary underpaintings / colours which i am doing a bit of on this one and have used those before).

Its weird if i think about them standing over my being my boss i tend to "perform" better rather than if i am just in my own little world and just work.
I have a few other people in the background as well popping their head in but these ones atm have the loudest voices.

So here i am working slowly and listening as i work i only hoping to be able to satisfy their teachings :)

Enough rambling LOL i tend to want to jump in a finish sections at time when working but i know from experience that this is not the best way for me to work particuarly on something like this where i dont know where the final bits are all going to be. SO, i am trying to get most of the underpainting done on this one before i start any final layers. The step on this one tho is to use some ZestIt on the background to get that darkness in. I will come back to the other bits i promise.

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Katherine said...

Belinda - I find JSS offers better advice when i show him what I've been doing at the end of the day! Then I know what I need to do next.