Belinda Lindhardt

Monday, February 19, 2007


I have been MIA this past week, only because i have been working on a comission (which i cant post here just yet) so all time was spent on that in order to get it done for a deadline :) Will post that one for you soon.

I have still been around tho, reading on those doing the Van Gogh project its been so interesting. Monet has been coming up in my various readings. He is an artist which is quite familar to me as I have visited his house. Many years ago but when i was 18 i stayed with my aunty and uncle in denmark for 4months, she is an artist and they took me to Paris for a few days and on a day trip to Monet's House. While i didnt know much about him at the time the visit always stuck with me. So i dug up a few photos recently of my visit there. :)
I hoped to have a photo of myself there but i cant find one. The man videoing on the bridge is my uncle tho .. so its just so lovely to have these memories.
Who would have guessed years from then i would be looking back on the artist wanting to learn more. Its just funny how life works out. :)


Katherine said...

Monet's on my list of artists I want to do as part of the Project this year. I'm not sure which month we'll do him in but you can start reading now if you like!

Belinda Lindhardt said...

i might just do that Katherine :)