Belinda Lindhardt

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fighthing strokes !!

Well, i have been fighting with this one ALL day. It started off this morning i was just going to do a bit more on it as i had altered the vase the other day (realising it was totally the wrong shape) .. which now meant that the background (which i was resonably happy with ) was out in colour and value.

So, off i started and i think i must have painted over the table area 10 times, and i got that frustrated feeling i always used to get when painting. It was like i would just get one bit good .. then i would go work on other bits to get that to match ... only to come back and find that it wasnt the right colour or style or too smooth and start over again .. I worked outside so i could get great distance but when i was in the midst of it .. didnt seem to be making much difference.....

i was just about ready to throw it in the bin and throw all my paints out and wonder why i ever bothered to do art in the first place .. then i got out some different coloured paint and different medium and a different brush to what i had been using and it all seemed to work. It's not finished or to the standard i would have like but its 100 times better to some of the versions i had.. ( i can see i still need to go alot looser towards the front .. but i havent got any smooth lines i promise :)

I am not sure what this problem seems to be but i find i do it quite often ...not so much with cp work but mainly with painting..... i wonder if it is overworking or just standing too close ..or not thinking in terms of values and worrying too much about mixing the paint .... or even working with not enough painting (having to remix) or even working with my palette / brush too messy .... ..on my final run .. it felt like i was putting the same brush strokes and same colours as the previous times but something about it clicked.... ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...

anywho at least i got somewhere with it ... tomorrow i am not going to start until i finish all my chores for the day .. otherwise nothing gets down for the whole day ...... (now i better go feed the kids)

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Regula Scheifele said...

Belinda - I can relate to all you're saying ;-)
But honestly, it's coming along great, don't worry. That's the beauty of acrylics: It'll come together in the end. Magic!
Oh, and I had to LOL on the 'not enough paint' part - I'm know for painting with NO paint on my brush (well, almost no paint...).
Do you always use medium? What kind of medium?