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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Best Buddies - Still Life oil on gallery wrapped canvas WIP

"Best Buddies" WIP - By Belinda Lindhardt, 40.5cm X 30.5cm, 16 X 12 inches

Here is the continuing WIP of Best Buddies pic i have vowed to finish it. One day a little while ago this one was the victim of one of my "mood" sessions with paint (which usually means i get really rough and loose and use really thick palette knives and fingers etc), my original intention was to do this one really smooth and realistic, to be honest in RL i think its working out to be a nice combination of the two :) If i can get it to end up how i see it in my head. Here is my original post.

Apologies, for the lack of posts this week i have been in "design and development mode" which basically means everything else goes out the door until i finish the design and development!! (when i am in the land of code i just seem to go into this zone which i cant pop out of till i am done).
When i say EVERYTHING i mean EVERYTHING, i guess i feed the kids and washed them from time to time but the laundry, the cooking, the cleaning, the tidying, the dusting, the playing, the gardening, is all put on the backburner till i am done and now i have finished i have LOTS of catching up to do.

I have been redoing my graphic design / web design business's website - steelkey designs. I am not sure whether i have posted about it before but this year i really need to start pulling an income again either via my artwork or my graphics skills. I really want to continue to stay at home with my kids for a few more years (i haven't worked in an office for like 6 years) so i really need to start promoting my services, update my portfolio and revisit some of my marketing avenues. The design and graphics side of things actually crosses over into the art aspect and vice versa so i think they go hand in hand, i am also really keen to do some more illustrations so the website is a way to try to get this all going. i still have to edit some text etc. but if your keen to have a look go to .

So, anywho, thats what i have been up to. I have already began to sketch again i did a few lessons this morning from my Drawing the Human Figure from your Mind and i hope to be back to IF this week. woot! :)

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