Belinda Lindhardt

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pastelboard - Australian Supplier

I posted this on the Australian Art Forum, but i thought people might also be interested on my blog, so appologies if you are reading this twice.

As some of you are aware, I have been using some pastelboard lately for my cp work (which means i can just varnish the board and don't have to frame under glass) the brand that i have been using is Ampersand which i imported from the US (sooooo expensive). When flicking through a magazine lately i noted an Australian company S&S(whoelsaler) who had a similar product and where offering in a promotion a special sample pack so i sent off and I just got mine in the mail :)

For cp and pastelists who have been wanting to try good quality pastelboard, this one from Richeson looks pretty good. On first view the product looks very similar to the Ampersand board. It is a slightly lighter board and is little coarser than the Ampersand, but i think pastelists will enjoy it (if you like smooth supports for coloured pencil i am not sure you would, it's similar texture to colourfix paper quite rough, but if you dont mind this then you would probably like it).
I am yet to give it a try with pencils, as i am in the middle of another cp piece on the Ampersand, but just wanted to post a link to it as i came across the promotional coupon on their website, i thought others might like to give it a whirl before the promotion runs out. They also do the same surface on gatorboard, i am anxious to give that one a whirl. The sample also includes some paper with the same surface.

Here is the link, to the promotion, its the first photo on the right of the page a spread from a magazine, the caption is: Unison Pastels and Richeson premium pastel surfaces
Also, you do have to pay $39.95 for the samples but if you consider the retail price and how much these types of supports would normally cost i think its a pretty good deal. Personally i am not wild on the colours i prefer just the white.


Rose Welty said...

Belinda, do you use a spray varnish? Or do you swipe it with a brush lightly?

Going to be having a trial myself soon. :D

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Spray varnish Rose :)

Nicole had a bad experience with a brush not so long ago. I have used spray for years, i usually use a workable fixative as well i think this helps with wax bloom others have had problems with :)

Jo Castillo said...

Belinda, I sent for the sample pack in the states. It came at Christmas. I didn't think about the colored pencil people, sorry. The gatorboard is so lightweight. Makes it nice. With pastels, I like the color.

You have been making colored pencil on Pastelbord sounding so good that I may break down and try it again. Especially if you can varnish it.


Rose Welty said...

Thanks Belinda, I remember the difficulty Nicole had. I just tried some spray varnish and liked it, but there does seem to be the real possibility of unequal application. Do you spray varnish things on paper also? (In the past I've only used fixative to "seal" a piece, but I just tried the spray varnish on bristol board, it had an interesting effect on the CPs.)

Thanks for being so patient with the questions!

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Rose, i never really had much problem with an uneven application, i use very light application and make sure i get it all over in one direction for one coat and then the opposite for the next. I usually always do 1 coat of worakable fixative and then 1 coat of UV spray and then i have Krylon Matt Finish spray for a final coat obviously leaving plenty of time in between coats to dry.

Maybe we have different type of heat / humidity that helps? :)