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Monday, February 04, 2008

Atelier Interactive Acrylic

I started two new pieces today, both were supposed to be coloured pencil on board. One was on pastelboard and the other was on a board that i had prepared myself with colourfix paint.

I began layering my cp on my prepared board and well lets just say it came to the point where i just thought this isn't working and i am not going to fight it. I am not sure whether i hadn't put enough layers of the paint on the board or i used the wrong board, or the error was in my application of the paint but the cp layers just weren't happening. At this point i could have given up but decided i wasn't going to abandon the piece i was going to try painting it.
So i got started, decided that acrylics we the go, i watered them down alot and was using it abit like watercolours with lots of layers and washes. It was working out ok until i realised i was missing a colour that i just couldn't mix and i really need to buy it for the artwork to have the colour it needed to work.

Recently, I read an article about Atelier Interactive Acrylics , i have seen these for ages in the shops but never really could work out what they were about. The article made them sound good so i thought well nows the time to give it a go. Can i just say that i think i am now converted !!!

This paint allows you to work wet in wet, allows the paint to dry and for you to go in and blur / blend the edges on dry paint, it blends easily with the other non interactive acrylics (tho i dont know if they reccommend that) and depending on the ratio allows you to use them a bit like the interactive ones. Its much like watercolour except its opaque so you can paint over areas if you need to and seeing as i was working on board its not like watercolour where you are worried about getting the paper too wet and causing problems. It means that you can go back and correct, pull back and soften your lines and it suits me perfectly. This is what i do with my coloured pencil work as well. I am working with very light washes and also thick areas of paint. I am really liking it for this type of detailed work i am doing on this piece.

I will post the full pic of what i am working on tomorrow.

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Ann said...

This is very interesting Belinda. I have wondered about interactive acrylics myself and have only heard a little about them. I look forward to seeing what all you do with them. Love the colors in this piece :)

And take care of your chin! I guess it could have been a lot worse - it could have poked you in the eye! Be careful with those unruly pastel boards.