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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I have been awarded :)

Ann from Blue Bird Hill has given me this award and written some lovely things about me on her blog. It was so nice of her i was touched. The only problem i have is that all the other people she also awarded would be people i would likely tag myself (we are a close little bunch aren't we) so i wont award anyone else, but know that i would if you hadnt already been done.

I have been in this weird kinda zone these past few days, lately i have been feeling quite overwhelmed to be honest, i have lots of "hats" i need to fill, plus a house which is half renovated and no room to put anything. So in order to clear my head i have been organising and sorting, sorting through our outdoor shed that contains all manners of items we have accumulated over the years, half of which i have removed as we REALLY don't need to keep that stuff. I have gone through the studio and sorted out cupboards and materials so i can put things away when i am not using them and so that all my papers etc aren't in such a mess. I still have a few areas to do but my mind feels a little clearer.

Artwise, here is one that i have been working on for a while. It has been delayed as i ordered some more blue pencils online and i am STILL waiting on delivery (i have received half my order) which was back in January sometime. Needless to say i will soon be updating my Squidoo soon as a reflection of this lack of customer service !!!

Anywho, this one is of my neighbour's roof, we look out our window onto theirs and quite often these birds sit there, one day the light was just beautiful and i snapped it up with the camera :) I think i will call it "On top of the world". My youngest son sits and points saying BIRD! at the top of his voice i just felt like giving it a try.

It's coloured pencil on 8X10" Ampersand Pastelboard.

Also letting you know i have some family stuff to take care of in Sydney so i wont be on my blog for a few days. Be back soon.

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Anne said...

What a great award to win! Congratulations!